Daniel Geisler

Contact information:
Daniel Geisler
3500 Concord St.;
Apt. J2
Eugene, OR 97402


  • PROUT Institute - served as webmaster from 2014 to 2017.
  • Tetration.org - I founded Tetration.org twenty years ago. This is the best place to find details regarding my mathematical research, plus it has a number of beautiful and interesting fractals.
  • Prashanta.net - a web hosting and web development service I am co-owner of from 2004 to present.
  • Software Developer Resume - my resume provides information regarding my employment as a software developer before I founded Prashanta.net in 2004 and returned to school.
  • Math Biography - my early years in mathematics.
  • Fractional Iteration - the most important software I have written.
  • All is Arithmetic - a broad overview of my scientific and mathematical research as of 2007. Written to answer a question from Stephen Wolfram.
  • The Tetration Forum - System administrator

Contact: daniellgeisler@gmail.com

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