Daniel Geisler's technical resume


Possesses excellent people skills with a track record of consistently exceeding customer expectations. Highly motivated, works well on own or in a team. Technical guru with broad and deep knowledge of all facets computer systems, allowing for the quick mastery of arbitrary technologies. Over twenty years experience as a developer and systems engineer, ten years - systems analysis and object-oriented programming and design, seven years - systems architect, five years - management experience. Has strong interdisciplinary background in the sciences, in process of writing up research in complex systems.

Areas Of Knowledge:

  • General
    • Systems architect, technical strategy, Oracle DBA/developer, systems analysis, distributed systems, systems administration, testing
  • Java
    • Java Server Pages, Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, JDBC, AWT, Swing
  • Web
    • XML, XSLT, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, CGI
  • Database
    • Oracle 8.1, PL/SQL, PRO*C, Sybase, Access, Oraperl
  •  OS
    • Windows, Linux (Caldera, Red Hat, Mandrake), UNIX, Novell, MVS/ESA
  • CASE tools
    • PowerDesigner, Systems Engineer and Paradigm Plus CASE tools, Visio
  • Configuration Management
    • ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, RCS, SCCS
  • GUI IDE's
    • PowerBuilder 3.0 - 6.5, JBuilder 3.0, Visual Café 3.0, Visual Basic 2.0, Access 2.0
  • Servers
    • Oracle 8.1, Weblogic 4.5, Apache, WebSite, Netscape Enterprise Server


11/00 - 3/01    Senior Java Developer, Webb Interactive Services

  • Worked on team of nine developers as a senior Java developer, supporting Webb's flagship product AccelX SiteBuilder, which provides a way to create complex business websites using templates and wizards with a web browser as the front-end. The system is XML based and implemented using Weblogic 4.5, Oracle 8.1 with a JSP front-end and web site generation driven by XML and XSLT.
  • Wrote the JSP for several of the most complex JSP pages in the product
    • Home page - largest page in the product
    • Gateway page and supporting architecture - manages access to arbitrary page types and allows SiteBuilder to easily add new page types that transparently interface with the Gateway page.
    • Staff page - the most complicated page in the product with several levels of nested information presented
  • Designed and wrote debugger for SiteBuilder using Java and XSLT. The Java program recursively explores the entire system using reflection, outputting the resultant data as XML. The XSLT transforms the XML into HTML, creating navigation aids, a table of contents, and nested tables that can be a dozen levels deep.
  • Served as mentor to junior developers for JSP, Java, EJB's, HTML, and JavaScript.

5/99 - 8/00    ISP development team-lead, Qwest

  • Support of the Medusa Billing System; Colorado Supernet's legacy billing, usage and provisioning system. The system spans fifteen Unix and three Windows NT servers and was developed over a fifteen-year period of time as a meshwork of many differing architectures. System implemented in Perl, C, shell scripts, Oracle 7.3, ssh, rsh, ftp, as well as many other technologies.
  • Almost all knowledge of the system came from extensive personal research since the system was completely undocumented and there was almost no institutional memory. Medusa has well deserved reputation as the scariest production system that anyone had ever seen.
  • Mirrored billing system, comprising 85,000 flat files, from Sun box to Intel Linux box for Y2K testing and as a backup billing system. Completed Y2K testing and remediation in only a third of the budgeted man hours.
  • Provided business analysis and technical support for different billing and services migrations. Wrote Perl scripts to analyze http logs to determine the financial and customer impact of potential changes in service offerings and service areas. Merged the http data extracts with numerous other data sources and provided an Excel front end.
  • Set up Apache web site and supervised the development of Perl CGI scripts providing a web front end to the Perl financial reports.

8/99 - 5/00    Java Developer, Qwest

  • Developer on IP Resource Management system based on Enterprise Java Bean technology; implemented using Java 1.1, Visual Café 3.0, Weblogic 3.5, Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle 8, Jikes, Make, SCCS, and Perl running on Solaris.
  • Main developer supporting the Java applet front-end. Iterative rapid prototyping of DSL Services module consisting of several simple windows and a seven-tab window using Visual Café 3.0. Prototyped smart grid control to encapsulate the connection to a family of Session EJB's by using Reflection.
  • Sole support for Perl script that generated the Entity Bean, Bean Interface, Home Bean, Home Interface, Deployment Descriptor, and Oracle DDL from a custom meta-language script.
  • Redesigned build system to allow developers to rebuild and rerun the system over 56K modem; reducing the time from a couple of hours to a couple of minutes.
  • Provided extensive Oracle and database support for other team members.

10/98 - 1/99    Web developer, AT&T Broadband

  • New development and maintenance of an intranet time entry system using CGI scripts running on WebSite 2.0. Developing in PowerBuilder 5.0, PL/SQL, DHTML for Netscape 3.0, JavaScript 1.1, and Perl 5.0.
  • Analysis of new project tracking system to integrate with current time entry system. Developing strategies for re-architecting the time entry system to enhance its maintainability.

7/98 - 9/98    Perl developer, Micromedex

  • Developed Perl scripts for parsing six different document types and loading them into Oracle using Oraperl. Wrote five of the PRO*C reports for regenerating the original parsed documents. Finished task expected to take three to six months in two months.

5/97 - 5/98    Senior Systems Engineer, Convergent Group

  • Heavy advanced Oracle development. Wrote application that moves over 200 Meg of VSAM data on mainframe into 23 Oracle tables through VSAM gateway, to be used by Smallworld application. Wrote Perl script to create Focus File Definitions, Oracle views, tables, and stored procedures from COBOL copy books for VSAM gateway.
  • Senior PowerBuilder developer at Convergent Group. Radically customized 3rd party Work Management application written in PowerBuilder 5.0 and Oracle 7.3.  Wrote one datawindow that replaced seven Excel spreadsheets.
  • Wrote Perl 5 scripts to create system of HTML pages, reporting on internal web usage from proxy server logs. Created Perl script that translated datawindows into Dynamic HTML to document datawindows.

8/96 - 12/96    GIS Developer, Petroleum Information

  • Wrote Sales Order module for commercial product using PowerBuilder 4.0 and Oracle. The Sales module contains very elaborate security with eight different security roles.
  • Senior technical programmer for team providing mentoring and technical assistance to the other team members.
  • Proposed and implemented major architectural changes for the product as a whole; making the application framework more robust, and easier to implement.

2/96 - 6/96    GIS Developer, New Century Software

  • Took over an undocumented GIS (Geographical Information System) natural gas Facility Management project that the previous programmer walked off of. Completed the Placement, Reroute, and Abandonment modules using PowerBuilder 4.0 and Sybase. Designed and coded the initial part of the pipeline Modeling module.
  • Wrote software to manage profound database redesign where over thirty percent of a database with a thousand fields was redefined, impacting seven Meg of PowerBuilder code.

1994 - 1995    Systems Engineer, Systems Engineering Services

  • Solely designed and coded a prototype for a system to handle all business sales orders for AT&T in PowerBuilder 3.0 and Watcom 3.0. Management was so impressed the system was shown to a junior Vice President at AT&T. Designed and coded application framework, tab, and navigation objects (as in File Manager) using  user defined events and user objects with entire system based on inheritance.
  • Mentored two programmer in coding the next iteration of the prototype  in PowerBuilder 4.0, Watcom 4.0 and C DLL's using Watcom's triggers and stored procedures. Wrote code to create Watcom tables from information in IEF and Paradigm Plus CASE tools. Prototype was shown to a senior Vice President at AT&T who was positive about the prototype.
  • Wrote C, C++, PowerBuilder, and Sybase tests assessing the skill level of job applicants at SES.
  • Provided the technical support for SES to begin having a presence on the Internet. Researched WWW servers and prototyped HTML pages.

1994 - 1994    Senior Systems Analyst, Alphatech

  • Project leader on site at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Project involves the redesign, consolidating of functionality and porting of data from IBM 370 mainframe, AT&T UNIX, and IBM PC's to a PowerBuilder 3.0, Sybase 4.2, Novel, WordPerfect 6.0 and cc:Mail environment.
  • Delivered full life-cycle plan with milestones, data dictionary, ERD and DFD for Compliance and Enforcement, Corrective Actions Division. Wrote monthly status reports, provided project supervision, and PowerBuilder and Sybase training for two government employees.
  • Personally designed and coded PowerBuilder, Sybase workflow applications using WordPerfect as an OLE server and DDE client, and PowerBuilder as a DDE server.  cc:Mail acted as a DDE server for PowerBuilder as a DDE client. Based application architecture completely on PowerBuilder inheritance.
  • Designed and coded Sybase DDL, DCL, and DML scripts. Wrote stored procedures and triggers. Used dynamic embedded SQL in PowerBuilder.

1992 - 1994    Senior Systems Analyst, The Orkand Corporation

  • Team leader for prototype task using Systems Engineer, PowerBuilder and SQLBase to prototype Windows screens, design system-wide objects, and to test the development toolset's ability to support the Client-Server environment for highly visible State Department project.
  • Team leader for the Business Area Analysis of a business area using the Information Engineering methodology. Supervised two systems analyst using LBMS's Systems Engineer CASE tool to create a data dictionary, track requirements, and generate DFD's, and ERD's in the 3rd normal form.
  • Hired to help finish a very large Visual Basic project in that had fallen behind schedule. Assigned and completed what were considered the project's most difficult tasks. Severed as major project resource in providing solutions to other programmers technical problems.

1991 - 1992    Project Manager; Software Technology Group

  • Given management position to turn around floundering Neural project. At end of project client declared Neural project major success. Neural system used to make $27,000,000 in bids in first six weeks of operation.
  • Extended clients ability to make bids from system's with 1600 phones to systems with 33,000 phones; exceeding target by 450%. System enhancement researched and implemented after hours, after work was stopped on enhancement due to it being considered impossible to implement. The ability to make bids on larger systems was the prime reason the Neural project was initiated.
  • Supervised five programmers in MVS environment and served as contact with client MCI.
  • Suggested idea and provided technical support for the Department of Education's first neural network study. Results of feasibility study indicate a significant improvement over earlier purely statistical methods used.
  • Personally implemented two of project's three main strategic goals.

1991 - 1991    Manager of Information Systems; Helicopter Association International

  • Implemented major upgrade and modernization of software.
  • Software, hardware and LAN trouble-shooting and maintenance.
  • Novel network administrator.
  • Introduced principles of normalization, structure programming, and systems analysis and design to HAI.

1988 - 1990    Business Programmer; Computer Age

  • Programmed and maintained large accounting and manufacturing software. System comprised 1200 source code files, 170 tables, and 500 indexes. Wrote custom accounting modules.
  • Designed and programmed low end CASE tools, including an automatic code generator and a data dictionary for managing and reconciling the physical and logical database structures of multiple versions of databases and their supporting code.
  • Prototyped different software development systems to evaluation their feasibility as development platforms. Designed and wrote application in Guru, a expert system integrated with a sophisticated 4GL and supporting fuzzy logic.
  • Wrote and typeset Sales Order and General Ledger user manuals using Ventura Publisher.

1987 - 1988    Programmer/Analyst; Helping Hands

  • Developed an accounting system using DBase III and Lotus 1-2-3.
  • Wrote and typeset organizational magazine using Ventura Publisher.
  • Trained office personnel to use computers.

1981 - 1981    Electrical Engineering student at Southern Illinois University

1978 -1981    Seismologist/Programmer, United States Air Force

  • Designed and coded a variety of signal processing programs utilizing a variety of mainframe peripherals including an IBM 2250 graphics terminal.
  • Provided JCL and FORTRAN support for the Geophysics Department.
  • Held Top Secret security clearances for seismologically analyzing nuclear explosions.